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Electrical Engineering

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Program Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering prepares students for careers in research and academia. The faculty members are investigating a diverse range of research areas. Here are the areas of research available in Electrical Engineering: Renewable energy systems, Solar Photovoltaic systems, Energy conversion, Energy storage, Power Quality, Image Processing, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Soft computing techniques and Electromagnetic Fields.  Students typically complete the Ph.D. degree requirements in three to five years. Early in the program, students focus on course-work that enhances their knowledge as they prepare to conduct research. Within one year, students must pass the departmental written qualifying exam, an oral exam that tests research skills and knowledge of a core Electrical Engineering subject area. Student research forms the core of the Ph.D. program. Research involves active student- directed inquiry into an engineering problem, culminating in a written thesis and oral defense. The course teaches and allows candidates to learn Electrical engineering skills, as well as technical simulation skills necessary in the designing of electrical systems. Electrical Engineering although a technical field of study is one that has great scope for research and thus is an interesting subject to be delved further into. Understanding and researching further into the field is essential for greater innovation to occur in this area.

Approved Research Supervisors

  • Prof.(Dr.) Sandip Mehta
  • Prof.(Dr.) Kusum Lata Agarwal
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