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Parents Testimonial

"Preeti Bishnoi"
Daughter: Aditi Bishnoi (CSE-2017)
Company: Atigo Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
Being in JIET SETG was a nice experience for my girl. The environment they provide to enrich my kid socially and mentally that she don't need any further learning to get a job. The hostel in the college provide safety so that I can stay tensionfree for my kid. Wardens understand childs need and provide them the required stuff.

"Mithilesh Kumar"
Daughter: Kanishka Roy (ECE-2016)
I have been given a goldern opportunity to give the feedback of my daughter who has passed out from JIET college in 2016. She is right now in software company with a package of 6.6 Lakh/Annum in Bangalore my younger daughter is also now persuing B.Tech. from same college. Iam Thankfull to all the faculties as the as wardon helped my children to achieve her goals.

"Neeraj Kumar Agnihotri"
Daughter: Iti Agnihotri (CSE-2014)
I have first heard about JIET College from a ad in newspaper. As my relative live in Jodhpur, I asked them and they told it is reputated college, so I have both my daughter to joined JIET-SETG in different year of college.
As they have told me from their experience lectures are very detailed and every query is solved by the lecturers in the class room or out side. They never say no to the students. They are friendly with the daughters and they guided them from their college life. They also keep as updated regarding their attendance and behaviours. As my daughters lived in hostel, they learned how to accomodate with other.
Mess menu is also decided with consult with students and also I had eaten in their mess, when I visited them, taste of the food was good.
We know when my daughters are going out from the hostel cause they need parents permission. Study hours are also good for them. Cause now we know even if we are not their, someone is watching them, in our instead our friendly but also strict and help them is various situations.
Before acquireing for hostals we check for facility in rooms which moduate for our children. Tears as my daughter leaving hostel and campus show how much the love being their and miss people there.

"Janki Sukhnani"
Daughter: Neha Sukhnani (EEE-2017)
"Our experience with JIET as parents of a B.Tech. aspirant has been excellent so far. The strength of JIET worth appreciating is the discipline that one experiences on all fronts be it timelines, reminders for adhering to schedule or attendance of students. As per my daughter's reviews, I firmly believe that the faculty is having expertise in their domain and quite helpful as well. The atmosphere and the sprawling campus is quite safe and maintained for education is exemplary. I had a pleasant experience with the administration and did not face any difficulty in the admission procedures. In a nut shell it has been a sheer pleasure to get my daughter admitted in JIET.

Hats off to JIET. Keep it up.".
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