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JIET is only institute of Rajasthan having NBA Accreditation in four programmes of UG studies in engineering i.e. CSE, EE, ECE and ME. Being an NBA Accredited institution, JIET follows globally accepted Outcome Based Education Model as suggested by NBA (National Board of Accreditation).

OBE means a clear focus on organizing curriculum, instructions and assessment in education around all what students should be able to do successfully at the end of learning experience/period. This means the content, strategy and process followed by educator will lead the learners towards expected learning outcomes and ultimately learning happens for every learner.

In OBE model, the outcome of the each course (subject) and programme (branch) is predefined in form of Course Outcome (CO) and Programme Outcome (PO)/Programme Specific Outcome (PSO) subsequently. The COs contributes in achieving desired POs and PSOs. The POs and PSOs are further mapped with Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs), Vision and Mission of the department. The PO/PSO are short term goal for the department which graduate must demonstrate soon after completion of his/her degree whereas PEOs are long term goal which graduate demonstrate in his/her career after few years of his employment. In order to achieve predefined PO/PSO department map COs of all available courses with listed POs and PSOs and if required, additional courses/activities are designed to bridge the gap.
The following is pictorial representation of OBE Model:-

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