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Computer Science Engineering

Program Overview

The department was established in the year 2003 with an intake of 60 students, which increased to 120 in 2006 and currently the department has an intake of 180 students. The department currently has more than 500 students studying in undergraduate degree Programme. The students of the department participate in National level hackathons and have also won prizes. There are various student clubs which conduct regular activities. The students actively participate in sports activities organized at State and national level. The department regularly organizes workshops for students on latest technologies like Python, AI, ML, AR-VR, IOT and Cyber Security

Fee Structure

ParticularsB.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
TotalI InstallmentII Installment
College Fee77000/-38500/-38500/-
Caution Money7500/-7500/--
NBA Accreditation 3000/-3000/--
Other Activities Charges3000/-3000/--
Registration Charges1500/-1500/--
BTU Development Charges2500/-2500/--
Best Projects

Coastline Detection from Satellite Images using Spatial Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) Clustering and Level Set based Methods

This research work proposes a framework for coastline detection from satellite images using Spatial Fuzzy C-Means clustering and Level Set based methods. Initially, the image is preprocessed with filter to remove the noise of it, and image enhancement is performed .After enhancement FCM clustering and level set method is applied to the processed image. The project was developed by Ms. Shubra Mathur.

LPG Gas Detector using GSM Module

This project report on ’LPG gas detector using GSM module’ is made with the aim to ease the normal day life, and to detect the leakage of LPG gas and alert the user and people around before it causes any damage or great destruction. It will detect the leakage of dangerous gas and alarm the user. This project contains an alarm unit, to give an audio indication of the gas leakage. It was developed by Ms. Saloni Kankariya and Guided by Mr. Rajendra Purohit.


An online application for checking availability of nearby medical facilities based on filters, blood booking system during emergencies, doctor refer criteria(patients are referred to city hospitals via our app), provide information related to various medical schemes. This project has been developed by Ms. Asmita Charan

AR-VR based Object Detection

Mr. Aman Bohra and team developed a project on AR-VR object detection. It has a target platform on the ground placing phone camera focusing on the ground target was a 3D augmented humanoid model which was dancing and students could take their pictures with that dancing model which was not really present in real world. . In the next application , a network connection of phones where one phone was the controller node having different options for showing different 3D models in VR headset which was attached to the second phone. The augmented models of a target in response to controller phone was displayed, which gave a more realistic look . This project was developed to showcase what is augmented reality and how using this immersive technology, one can create new dimensions visually clearing concept and better interaction between the virtual objects and the real world .

Face Recognition using OpenCV

Ms. Harshita Metha developed a project using Open CV to recognize faces.
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