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Faculty Achievements

JGI has filed application for patent of five student projects. Under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Bhagwat Singh Shisodia (Ph.D., IIT Delhi), five student projects completed by students of JIET Mechanical Engineering department and the same have been applied for patent.
First project is "self-locking arrangement for hub and axel for four wheeler", which deals with system which locks the wheels of a four wheeler such that it never comes out while moving.
Second prject is "Security system for electric car". In this along with Prof. Shisodia, Prof. Baid and Prof. Mathur guided the students to prepare the vehicle which starts only with the biometric of vehicle owner.
Third Project is "Design of Shell and conical spiral helical coil heat exchanger" which increases the heat transfer rate.
Fourth project is "Design of Clone Segway" which increases the safety feature of Segway by self-mechanism.
Fifth project is "Design of Solar Vapour Refrigeration system", in it using solar energy cooling will be done in cars.