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Solar Car

"Solar Car" With abundant sunshine, India is the perfect location for solar - powered technology. Now a team of young engineers from Jodhpur, Rajasthan have created a solar car that they believe has the potential to be globally competitive and available as a product for the masses, at an affordable price It is rightly said that the beginning is always the hardest. For the Aahan solar car project, there were many obstacles to overcome, right from the start. The first was the idea and choosing the reference to start from, followed by how to start. Second was the funding needed to turn a dream into reality. Third was selecting a team which would dedicate themselves to the project as an army on a mission to complete it. Thus, their journey started with guidance from proper mentors and a perfect army of students. The research started in September, when the team came across the Asia ­ level Solar Car Competition ,which is organised every year by the ISIE (Imperial Society of innovative Engineers), and decided to participate in it. For reference, they chose The World Solar Challenge , Australia. Their aim was to build a car with all specifications and features, and to take part in The World Solar Challenge, 2019, and to win it. Recently this team has won ISIE Future Award of Rs. 1 lac and Best Endurance Award of Rs. 20000.