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Amenities at JIET Universe

A Home away from Home....For 1000 students

We offer comprehensive hostel facilities for boys and girls separately within the JIET Universe.

Caring wardens and a vigilant security ensures a pleasant stay allowing students to focus on Academics.

The Air Conditioned/Air Cooled/Non-Air cooled Hostels consist of Double Seated and Triple Seated Room with all necessary amenities.

The life in Hostel allows student to make utmost utillsation of library. Wi-fi. Indoor and outdoor sports, gym and other resources which helps in nourishing the overall personality of the Hostler. It also enables student to interact with their colleague and seniors, make friends and develop into good human being capable of independent Judgement and competent in handling the day to day pressure of life.

As one of the recreational activity, the monthly DJ Night takes out monotony life and put hostlers back into studies more zeal and enthusiasm.

Laundry # Comfort of Home

On Campus laundry service makes life easier for students. JIET offers Laundry service to all the Hostlers. All Kind of clothes are washed in worldclass washing machines and ironed by stream press.

Medical Facility # on Campus Health Care

To ensure students well being, JIET provides Medical Facilities with visiting doctors available in a routine manner within the campus.

A dedicated Medical Room with stretchers, wheelchair, bed and other equipments is available in campus. On call Ambulance facility is also available in case of any Emergency.

Fee Structure for the Hostel

Room Type Annual Fee*
Air Cooled Single Seated 100,000/-
Air Conditioned Double Seated
(In Girls Hostel Only)
Air Cooled Double Seated 90,000/-
Air Cooled Triple Seated 85,000/-
Non-Air Cooled Double Seated 80,000/-

Caution Money: 5000/- (Refundable)

* plus GST (As applicable)

The JIET Palace #Luxuries Stay at JIET Universe 

The Air-conditioned Guest House consist of six double room with attached bathrooms and sitting lounge equipped with sofa, cable TV and refrigerator. The Guest House is available for precise guests and parents. Apart from the guest house the residential apartments equipped with all bacis amenities are also available for faculty members.

Security Safe & Secure Campus

The JIET Universe has a stringent security through CCTV Cameras, Fire warning Systems, 24 Hours Guards and Patrolling Vehicles.

Students & Faculty carry their Identity Cards which not only allow access into the campus but also into cafeteria, hostel, book shops other premises within the campus. The unauthorised persons. Vehicles are not permitted to enter into the campus.


  • Bed
  • Chair/Table
  • Almirah
  • Book Racks


  • Personal belongings (like cloths,books etc.)
  • Mattracss (size 3X6)
  • Bathroom accessories (like bucket, mug, mirror etc.)
  • Two locks

Contact Us:-

Mr. Samundra Singh
Chief Warden (Boy's Hostel)
Mobile: +91-99280-39077

Mrs. Rakhi Goyal
Chief Warden (Girl's Hostel)
Mobile: +91-99282-22558

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel